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Positive Energy Changes

Relax, Re-Balance, Revitalise


Lorna is a Reiki Master/Teacher and also holds diplomas in Hypnotherapy and Reflexology.

Reiki (pronounced Ray-Key) is a Japanese word meaning Universal Live Energy. This is the life force that surrounds us and the energies within our own body.

Reiki is not a religion it is a complimentary, holistic healing practice that can work in integration with orthodox medical treatment.

Usui hand on healing helps to restore natural balance in the body. It brings about a sense of well-being and inner peace. Working on many levels to include mind, body and spirit, it induces a profound relaxation, releases stored tension and gives the recipient increased energy. Each "body" determines how much Reiki it needs and where it is needed. 

Reiki Training Courses

There are three stages of Reiki practise.

Each course takes one day for a group of up to three people.

One to one sessions can be arranged if preferred.

First Degree Usui Reiki - One Day £120

  • The History of Reiki
  • Meditation
  • Receive 4 Attunements
  • Learn hand movements to attain self-healing
  • Learn hand movements to give healing to others
  • Receive a Manual
  • Certificate provided at the end of the course

At the end of the first course you can give yourself self-healing and give healing to friends and relations.

After three months of self-healing and practising you will be ready to progress to the second degree.

Second Degree Usui Reiki - One Day £120

Learn deeper relaxation techniques

  • Receive 2 Attunements
  • Receive three symbols and learn their uses.
  • Learn how to send distant healing
  • Receive a Manual
  • Certificate provided at the end of the course

At the end of this course Reiki runs faster through the body. You can set up in business to help clients and you can send distance healing to friends, relations and clients.

After twelve months as a practising therapist you will be ready to become a master or master/teacher.

Master / Teacher Degree - One Day £150

  • Receive Master Attunement
  • Teaching Manual
  • Master Symbols given

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