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Positive Energy Changes

Relax, Re-Balance, Revitalise


Based on the ancient ayurvedic system of healing, Indian Head 

Massage has been practiced in India for over 4000 years.  

It involves a combination of massage, the use of acupressure points, and the flow of healing energy referred to as ‘Prana’ within the Indian culture.

This energy forms an integral part of the treatment, with the aim of clearing blocked energy channels associated with the build up of tension that has accumulated over time in the tissues, muscles and joints.

A selection of different movements are used over the upper back, shoulders, neck and scalp areas. 

Followed by gentle, yet stimulating strokes on the face, and finished off with some energy work to further encourage the body’s own natural healing.

NB. This treatment is available off site.

This style of Massage is an ideal "at work" treatment and many

HR Departments are investing in

"Work Based Relaxation Stations"

for their workforce as part of their commitment to reducing workplace stress and preventing ergonomic strain or injury.

Contact us to arrange a

"Relaxation Zone" in your workplace.