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Positive Energy Changes

Relax, Re-Balance, Revitalise


We aim to demystify energy and holistic therapies, improve accessibility and affordability and support people in integrating them with mainstream care when necessary. 

We work with others to soothe and ease spent bodies and tired minds, promoting relaxation, calm and inner balance to positively energise and transform lives".

Lorna Egerton,

Reiki Master/Teacher, Adv. Dip. Hyp, Dip. Ref.,



When our resilience is challenged, we often mistakenly push ourselves through tension, aches, pain, discomfort, physical and/or emotional stress, anxiety, low mood, fear, fatigue etc, to a point where we become easily disconnected and lose our sense of inner balance.

Spending 30 minutes in comfortable silence, taking time out to relax in a safe, secure and supportive space enables you to listen to, hear, understand and communicate with your inner self, identifying personal priorities for change and facilitating the process of self-healing.

Our energy therapies can help you facilitate this learning experience, opening a gateway to change and self-empowerment as you wish.

Whichever therapy you choose - therapeutic touch, head massage, hypnosis or specialist energy focussed therapies - each has the ability to affect change in the parts that make up the entity that is you.

Changes can be subtle or quite significant, ultimately creating feelings of courage, pride, contentment and boosting inner confidence.

An important part of your first visit to any therapy practitioner is the Initial Consultation, where you will be asked about your current health and wellbeing, where you see yourself now and where you would want to be.

As with all complementary therapies there are certain health conditions which will need to be taken into account to ensure that any chosen therapy is the appropriate one for you. It is the clients responsibility to disclose all relevant information prior to commencement of therapy at each session.